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EU-FarmBook develops an EU-wide open source interactive database. It is the place where farmers, foresters and advisors get inspired to innovate. Materials useful for practice such as videos, user manuals, infographics and much more come together.

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EU-FarmBook makes knowledge more accessible, findable, interoperable and reusable for the agricultural and forestry communities in Europe. Contributions to EU-FarmBook are exchanged by the AKIS community. The upload form is part of the platform. Please join our community, register, and become a contributor yourself.

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Forests for water in Catalonia



  • Teresa Baiges Zapater

This innovation case is strengthening the link between forests and water with the overall aim of diversifying financing sources for forest management by integrating ecosystem service provision into the economic balance sheet. Work includes integration in the Urban Masterplan for the Rialb Reservoir where different local stakeholders (economic, tourism, water and others) are already working together. The aim is for written recognition in a legal document of the role of forestry in water and landscape conservation, and the recognition of forestry as a potentially relevant economic activity in the area that can be promoted along with tourism. The innovation action also works with the public Segre-Rialb Consortium to assess the suitability of a payment for ecosystem services scheme in relation to water in the area.

Module 1



  • Tom Kelly

Module 1 aims to introduce future trainers to: - the world of digital tools and services. - the FAIRshare DATS inventory. - the successful use of DATS in practice. - common struggles during implementation principles of adult training.

Welcome to EU-FarmBook

EU-FarmBook includes resources such as market research, policy documents and digital tools to help farmers and entrepreneurs make informed decisions about their agricultural activities.

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Explorers Guide to Thematic Networks



  • Pieter spanoghe

This guide is written as part of the EURAKNOS project ‘Connecting Thematic Networks as Knowledge Reservoirs towards a European Agricultural Knowledge Innovation Open Source System’, with funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 817863. The recommendations in this guide were co-created with members from the EURAKNOS project’s Knowledge Innovation Panel (KIP). The KIP represents the agricultural society in Europe, including researchers, farmers, foresters, advisors, policy makers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and facilitators. We greatly appreciate their attendance at workshop meetings both online and in person to help develop these guidelines.