What is EU-FarmBook?

What is EU-FarmBook?

EU-FarmBook is a Horizon Europe project that is working at regional, national, and European (EU) levels to build an Online Platform. Gathering and sharing agriculture and forestry knowledge.

EU-FarmBook is the answer to real needs of farmers, foresters and advisors. The Horizon Europe project offers an interactive, multi-lingual meeting place for agriculture and forestry communities, giving access to trustworthy knowledge objects according to findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data principles. EU-FarmBook users can interact and explore innovative ways to solve their daily challenges.

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Our objective

Our objective

The main purpose of EU-FarmBook is to support knowledge exchange, by further developing, expanding and maintaining an easily accessible and user-friendly EU-wide Online Platform for practitioners in the agriculture and forestry sectors. To achieve the main purpose of EU-FarmBook, there are six specific objectives:

  • Collect
  • Develop
  • Engage
  • Communicate
  • Exploit
  • Network

International experience

EU-FarmBook is working at regional, national, and European levels. The multi-actor project gathers 29 partners from 18 countries. 17 (international) network organisations answer your questions as ambassadors of the EU-FarmBook in your country or sector.

Take a look at EU-FarmBook's key features

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Upcoming advancements

The EU-FarmBook platform is currently undergoing active development, and users can anticipate numerous enhancements in the future, including significant advancements fuelled by AI technology.
1In future

Find the right answers with help from our chatbot

Thanks to AI we will make the search results smart and dedicated, based on your personal preferences.

2In future

Engage in our community

In the future, our focus will be to enhance engagement and encourage active participation among community members.

3In future

Expanding our research based content and community

Our objective is to foster a collaborative environment where individuals can contribute their expertise and insights, thereby enriching the overall knowledge pool.

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